Download GST registration certificate online: Step-by-step process

After registering for GST, it is an important step to download the GST registration certificate. This doesn’t only act as proof that you are a GST-compliant entity but also acts as address proof for your business. In this article, we have mentioned the step-by-step process of downloading GST certificate online.

What is GST certificate?

Every business registered under the GST Act is issued a registration certificate in the form of GST REG-06. Here, the notable fact is that the department doesn’t issue this certificate in the physical form. Rather a system-generated certificate is signed digitally by the authorities and made available online. Once issued digitally, you can easily download and print the certificate for your perusal.

Prerequisites to download GST registration certificate online

There are a few things that you need to keep handy before you begin the download process.

  • Your GST portal login id and password
  • If you are not registered on GST portal, then you will need Provisional ID / GSTIN / UIN for registering
  • If you have forgotten your login id or password, then you need to have access to the mobile number you submitted while registering for GST.

Please note that it is mandatory to login in order to download the certificate. You can not opt for GST certificate download without login.

How to download GST certificate?

Step 1: Visit the login page of GST portal and log in using your id and password. If you are a new user, click here to register for the first time.


Step 2: If your login is successful, skip to the next step. If your login is not successful, probably your id or password is wrong. Check your credentials and then try again. Please be careful because three failed login attempts in a sequence might block your account.

Step 3: If your login was successful, you must have landed in your GST portal account. Now in the top menu bar, click on Services > User Services > View/Download certificates.

view/download certificate

Step 4: You will be now redirected to the download page. Click on the downlaod icon and your certificate will be downloaded.

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